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About Bishopbriggs Free Church

Bishopbriggs Free Church is a local community church made up of people of all ages and backgrounds who live in the local area. We have a heart for the families and individuals that are situated where we are, be that Bishopbriggs, Huntershill, Auchinairn, Colston, Balgrayhill or slightly further afield.

We meet together every Sunday for the primary purpose of joining together to worship God. The central focus of our worship comes from the bible which we believe is the living word of God. To help us understand what the bible teaches us about God and the saving works of his Son Jesus, our minster Garry Brotherston reads from the bible and then explains what the passage teaches us about God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit), about ourselves and about how we should live in the freedom Jesus' sacrifice on the cross brings.

So why should you come?


Well, if you're anything like the rest of us, you'll know that your life is far from perfect. You think, say and do things that you wish you didn't, and you realise that there is more to life than the 9 to 5 slog, worrying about where the next pound is coming from or investing all your time and effort in things that will eventually pass away. 


At Bishopbriggs Free Church you will meet with a God who knows you, who loves you, who gave His life for you and who can free you from your sin. You won't find any perfect Christians at Bishopbriggs Free Church, we are all sinners who need God's saving grace every day. What you will find is a warm and welcoming group of people who want to know Jesus better, who want to live lives that honors and pleases God and who want to serve the people in the local community.

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