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No longer has to worry about httpd.conf or copying/pasting files. Just add the WWW directory, specify the directory where httpd.conf is, and run the program. 0.3.1 - V1.0 - 28-08-2014 Bug Fixed - - - 0.3.0 - 30-11-2013 New Features: Added an option to run the program as a windowed application. Added an option to ignore the proxy settings. Added a status bar so you can know what directory the program is currently working on. Bug Fixed - - - 0.2.3 - 13-01-2013 This is the last version of the initial release. If you have any issues or have any suggestions, drop me an email. 0.2.2 - 28-01-2012 New Features: Added a home screen. Added a menu bar (just resize the window and click the top right hand corner). New Tutorials: Tutorials Added for: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion IOS 4.3 IOS 6 IOS 7.1 0.2.1 - 06-11-2011 Bug Fixed - - - 0.2 - 31-10-2011 Added the option to automatically update the program's icon if the browser and/or httpd.conf file change. Added the ability to change the WAMP configurations (directory names, httpd.conf file location, etc.) at any time. Added an option to automatically reload the specified httpd.conf file on start up. Added an option to automatically reload the httpd.conf file on start up. Added the ability to specify a different httpd.conf file to use. Added the ability to specify the directory where the www directory is located. Added the ability to specify multiple directories to switch between. Added the ability to add the WWW root to an already existing directory. Added the ability to remove the WWW root directory from the server's root directory. Bug Fixed: - - - 0.1 - 25-10-2011 Initial Release - - - a5204a7ec7

WAMP WWW Root Switcher Crack Keygen is a WAMP Web Application Management Program. It was developed for the point of easily switching between different directories of your local WAMP Development Environment, just like other WAMP Programs. Features: Script is not required for installation Requires only root access Supports CLI, GUI, Httpd.conf file location. Script Options: - -wamp - This defines the WAMP Installation Directory. - -private - Paths that are private directories are mapped to the local directory first - -httpd.conf - Path to the Httpd.conf file - -home - defines the home directory used when changing the home directory through the CLI - -stdin - read the user's info from standard in rather than the configuration file - -help - Display usage information - -version - Output the version - -examples - Display usage information for examples. Changelog: Version 1.0.5 - Released Jan 21 2008 - Made changes to determine if the directory is a sub-directory of a WAMP program directory (eg. C:\WAMP) or to a WAMP program directly (eg. C:\WAMP\www) Version 1.0.4 - Released Jan 21 2008 - Updated for compatibility with the new Apache 2.2 Version 1.0.3 - Released Jan 19 2008 - Fixed an error in the Readme.txt file - thanks to Jeff Smith Version 1.0.2 - Released Jan 19 2008 - Removed a bad colon Version 1.0.1 - Released Jan 17 2008 - Removed comments in the home directory Version 1.0.0 - Released Jan 17 2008 - Initial ReleaseC.Y.W.C.A. 20:3-8 and -16.3. The clear purpose of the former is to prohibit the practice of rebating, i.e., allowing a seller to pay such a commission and represent that the fee was paid to an intermediary or clearinghouse when in fact it was paid to a party actually making the sale, and the latter, to require the appointment of an agent by both parties. The statute, by its clear terms, applies to both rebating and double dealing. The defendant seeks to distinguish the situation before us from the situation which could result from finding the defendant was statutorily barred from charging the broker's fee. If the defendant is found to be statutorily barred

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