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5 Discoveries From Joining Bishopbriggs Free Church

StartFragment I joined Bishopbriggs Free Church in June 2017 with my wife and my two kids aged 2 and 5. Coming from a large City Centre congregation, this was a big move for me and the family to make. So what's it been like? Well if you are thinking about visiting for the first time or coming here regularly, here are 5 discoveries I've made in the short time we've been here that I hope will give you a little bit of insight into what Bishopbriggs Free Church is like.

1. The Word is Central

One thing that is very evident as soon as you attend a service at Bishopbriggs FC is that the word of God is the central focus point of everything else that goes on. The Pastor often preaches through whole books of the bible which means every aspect of God's word needs to be explained and applied from that book. The result is that challenging truths that are not commonly preached in churches are presented. I have been challenged and encouraged in equal measure since joining this church and have experienced a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what His free grace means for my life and how I can live in a closer relationship with God.

2. Age Doesn't Matter

Some of the searching questions my wife and I had before we started coming to this church were 'how easy is it going to be to get to know people' and 'are our kids going to settle in well?'. Naturally we were expecting this to be easier with folk of a similar age to us and likewise for our kids. What we have soon come to realise howeve