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Where will your help come from in 2018?

It won't come as breaking news to hear it said we live in a world of threat and uncertainty. We need only turn on the TV or Radio to have this confirmed: the threat of terrorism; the threat of war; the threat of unemployment. On an individual basis each of us live under the threat of sickness and disease; some reading this perhaps live under a domestic threat, perhaps a relationship that is fragile or falling apart, or a child who is going down a path that threatens to break our heart?

No matter where we turn threats are everywhere. This is the world we live in!

Is it any wonder as we look around & see all this we have a longing for security and safety and to know that everything will be OK?

The author of Psalm 121 in the Bible feels under threat.

He begins with the words, “I lift up my eyes to the hills”. Its as he looks at the hills he is reminded what we have just considered, namely we live in a world of threat and danger. You see hills back then, as is the case in some countries today, was the dwelling place of wild beasts and bandits, therefore it is no wonder the Psalm writer felt threatened and fearful.

It was a feeling of threat and fear that lead the writer to ask a question many of us will have asked in 2017, and which many will again ask in 2018:

“Where does my help come from”?